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Story within a story

I want you to skip down to the 2nd pp and find interesting link to the Park Service in the Pacific. No, they wouldn' lie:



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Ekaneetlee Trace, a manway adventure

(the following bushwhack was completed Thanksgiving, 2010. I only recently finished the story.)

Ekaneetlee Trace

By John Quillen

The first crossing out of campsite 90 was wet so we booted off and waded up to our knees. Frigid post Thanksgiving air was offset by a bright late morning sun. It was still in the thirties, though and I was walking on a bed of…


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"Obey Little, Resist Much"

I remember the fiasco when they implemented an ill-devised plan for thru-hikers to make advanced reservations for shelter space during the Knoxville World Fair because someone thought the backcountry would be overrun with World Fair visitors. It didn't happen of course. The only result was a bunch of needlessly frustrated thru-hikers.

Such ill-conceived policies didn't work then and certainly won't work today. And to think we are paying these 'outdoor recreation specialists' a salary…


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