I have been researching the privatization of public parks which was spurred by a recent discussion on the Go Smokies site. I do not support concessionaire services in anyway, and even more so after John posted the 2011 gross earnings of Mt. Leconte Lodge. Over a million dollars on Federal land folks, and that is only during 8 months of operation. I truly believe we are headed towards privatization of public parks and recreation areas. 

During my research I came across a website that is owned by a Warren Meyer, and is all for the privatization of public parks. Warren Meyer's company has several concession contracts on public land out west. So naturally he would be a huge advocate for privatizing public lands. Here is the website http://parkprivatization.com/


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Comment by Kelly Lintz on March 31, 2014 at 2:03am

A 2010 interview between Beck and Warren http://parkprivatization.com/2010/02/my-interview-with-glenn-beck/

A transcript of the interview http://www.foxnews.com/story/2010/02/24/time-to-privatize-national-...

I am not opposed to a business owner making a profit, but a business owner making a profit off of public lands is unethical. Warren and Beck have NEVER camped or did anything in back country. Beck equates SeaWorld with backcounty in the transcript. Clearly, Beck needs a little educating. Perhaps another interview, but this time with Western Slope or SFW. Just a thought. 

Comment by John Quillen on March 30, 2014 at 11:49pm
Comment by John Quillen on February 22, 2014 at 9:01am

This is a good discussion to have, Kelly.  I think an argument can be made that the parks are already privatized when you look at the clout the concessionaires yield.  Especially here in the Smokies.  John Muir said, "Nothing dollarable is safe".   Part of our lawsuit involves the dealings of a private resort that owns its own trail system within the Smokies.   Having been there and seen this with my own eyes and realizing the connections between that resort and a prominent Senator, my eyes were opened as to the hijacking of public lands for private gain by wealthy, connected entities.   It is a shame that the agency trusted with the safeguarding of our public lands has, under Jon Jarvis, handed them over to corporations.   When the vacancy for the DOI head was filled by one of the largest outdoor retail industry executives, the deal with Satan was cemented.  Sally Jewel subcontracts through a local guide service to provide backpacking trips into the Smokies.   Guess who was the biggest loudmouth, liar of the fee proponents?  You got it.  We saw these folks make so many dishonest assertions all for the ability to hijack shelter space for paying clients.     Sadly, as we watch our public lands handed over to private entities, few seem to care.   

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