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At 6:38pm on March 1, 2013, Erik Gerhardt said…


Thanks so much for everything you did in support of the resolution. Yours is a wonderful example of recognizing one's opportunity and serving not only the good citizens of Blount Co. but all owners of this thoroughly unique national park.

Love the profile shot.

At 10:52pm on February 28, 2013, John Quillen said…

Great profile shot.

At 1:44pm on February 26, 2013, Andrew Sisson said…

I am AJ from Marietta GA.  I wish I was a fellow Tennesean, but I am not.  Thank you for what you have done and are doing for this very worthwile cause.  I met John last year and fully believe in the SFW cause and mission.  When I drive to that end of the park I will think of you and the board and spend more of my dollars in thopse areas when I am there.

Thank you

At 9:55pm on February 24, 2013, Doug B said…

As a fellow-Maryvillian, thank you SO MUCH for doing the right thing.  You have helped to ignite the spark that perhaps will grow into something substantial in Blount County... something we have needed for a long time.  Welcome!


At 3:57pm on February 24, 2013, Terry L. Cooke said…

Thank you for doing what is right. You have definitely gained my respect. Welcome!

At 1:15pm on February 24, 2013, Donna Davis said…

Tab, I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you for what you have done for all who love the Smokies! Never did I think I'd see the day when someone in your position would take an honest stand and do whatever they could to support us. We truly are indebted to you...

I honestly cannot fathom how so many can hear and know this issue, yet vote for MORE government and taxation? Anyone with a lick of sense can call the kettle black. I suppose I was giving more credit to the commissioners than was due in assuming that, when given the TRUTH, they would vote RIGHTLY. 

Thank YOU for standing your ground, and for all others who did as well. As a resident of Blount County, I know who I WON'T be voting for next election. I don't want any commissioner who fears man or announces that, "he scratched our backs, now I'm going to scratch his" and this is the platform I'll use. Unbelievable. 

Tad, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You gave the people a VOICE when no one else would and you stood by your convictions.

History has and is being made. Good to know that there are SOME who still stand on principle and do the RIGHT thing. 

Donna Davis

At 12:58pm on February 24, 2013, Adam Beal said…

Tab I hope you got the email I sent out to the commission the other day. I can't thank you enough for what you have done here for the people of Blount Co, and the people of TN and NC. We are deeply indebted to you. Thank you and Jennifer for standing up for freedom. I am proud you are a representative of my county.

At 11:14am on February 24, 2013, Janet Dalton said…


Thank you for your courage and resolve in pushing forward the resolution against the backcountry fee. Welcome to GotSmokies!


At 10:53am on February 24, 2013, steve george said…


I am in the habit of trying to see things from another persons point of view.  I imagine how hard it must be to render decisions that affect an outcome in public matters.  I don't envy you and the other commissioners in your daily work.  At least that's what I imagine.

Tab, as you know, in every man made disaster are a series of seemingly small events that cascade, one after another and another until, upon final examination, the failure could have been averted had someone had the foresight to see the impending results.

This tax is such. We are greatly appreciate your vision in averting what we feel will be future dictates by the "leadership" at Sugerlands to tax it all.

My wife and I visit GSM twice every year for the past 21 years. I don't need to go on as to why we do so.  You already know how special it is. Taxing it is counter to the spirit of its creation.

Thank you for your vote and your vision.

Steve and Dianne

Mandeville LA

At 9:44am on February 24, 2013, Mike Thorpe said…

Just a quick thanks to you for the courage and committment you have demonstrated in this plight! I am praying that some of those who voted "no" will grow a spine!


At 9:25am on February 24, 2013, Jim Casada said…

Tab--We've never met and I don't know that there's a great likelihood we will. However, as a staunch son of the Smokies who grew up in Swain County, and as an individual who has watched with increasing dismay the activities of a series of superintendents in the GSMNP as they perpetuate one travesty after another connected with lands my forebears called home and which still have deep meaning to area folks, I want to tender my heartfelt appreciation for your taking the lead on this resolution.

It was much needed and the fact that it passed in the face of shameful and unseemly meddling which goes hand-in-hand with the misrepresentation which has been integral to this fee imposition from the outset speaks well of you and your fellow commissioners who supported the resolution.

I would also note that I have used the verbiage of the resolution as a working model for a similar one for Swain County (which is where I grew up) and I expect the commissioners there to consider it this week.  They voted, unanimously, to condemn the fee proposal many months ago, and I certainly hope their opposition remains strong.

Again, just wanted you to know, never mind that I can never vote for you, that I'm deeply appreciative of a politician willing to take a stance on principle and what he considers to be right, never mind that it exposed him to the ire of high muckety-mucks.

Jim Casada

At 8:59am on February 24, 2013, John Quillen said…

Tab, welcome to GotSmokies and thanks a billion for all you have done.

At 8:43am on February 24, 2013, Dwayne Allen said…

Thank you for what you have done with BCC.

At 8:18am on February 24, 2013, Gregg Bostick said…

Tab, welcome to the site.  Thanks for your efforts with BCC.

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